Olympic Pathway Programme


“My time at OBUBC paved the way for me to earn my Olympic Gold medal. The programme at Brookes helped me take huge chunks off my erg scores, improve my skills and build my winning mentality. Now with the Olympic Pathway Programme, the athletes training full time at Brookes really do have the very best in everything they need.”

Scott Durant MBE
Olympic Gold Medallist M8+ Rio 2016

The Oxford Brookes Olympic pathway programme is designed for athletes who are able to train full time with the focus of being selected for the GB national team. Within one season of running the programme, two athletes had been selected to race at the 2019 Senior World Championships and are now challenging for a place in one of the crews for the Tokyo Olympics.

The training programme is designed to be highly challenging for mature athletes that are already used to pushing them selves on a daily basis.  Performances at GB trials and building improvements in physiology are the main goals of the programme. 

The group is currently made up of 20 athletes. Training is done within our team environment to ensure maximum enjoyment.  The squad of around 100 athletes train together on a daily basis and all full time athletes integrate within the team for at least 1 of their 2-3 sessions per day.  

Athletes ideally are based in the Oxford and Wallingford area to ensure that they have access to all of the following:
  • 5 full-time highly dedicated coaches.
  • Strength and conditioning sessions supported by professional S&C coaches. 
  • Each session of the programme monitored by coaches.
  • Biomechanics feedback in boats.
  • Professional physiologists monitoring you throughout the year.
  • Performance grants available for the top performing athletes.
  • Access to on site physiotherapists.
  • Our huge world-class empacher fleet.