The OBUBC Boathouse Complex sits on a stunning 10km stretch of the river Thames in Wallingford, and is classed as one of the best non-tidal stretches of water in the country.

From head race-style distances to a 2km markered course, the length, width and quality of water has been a key factor in Brookes’ success over the years – allowing both the men’s and women’s squads to train together, in an enjoyable yet highly-competitive environment. When combining this style of training with our steadily-growing world class fleet of boats, winning becomes second nature.

Brookes has one of the finest rowing fleets in the world, consisting of Olympic-standard racing shells for every boat type – men and women, heavyweight and lightweight, sweep or sculling.

Constant maintenance and upgrading allows each athlete at OBUBC a seat in an elite racing machine. The shells are kept in immaculate condition and kitted out with top-of-the-range equipment and peripherals, allowing us to maximise the potential of an athlete’s performance.

Our fleet is constantly added to and improved each year, further increasing the number of athletes we can cater for season to season.

We currently have 11 Empacher eights, 7 Empacher coxless fours, 4 Empacher coxed fours and 15 Empacher pairs (alongside multiple other boats, ranging from 8’s to singles), allowing us to provide top-quality training & racing shells for our athletes, in both training and competition, to ensure Brookes crews have every advantage they can.

The gym is at the very heart of the Brookes machine, where top-end physiology and mental strength are forged in this fiercely competitive atmosphere.

The land program is structured perfectly to fit in around the university’s academic lifestyle so as not to clash with any course’s lecture timetable. There is also a full-time programme run alongside the main programme for our top end athletes looking to make the step from BROOKES|Rowing to the national team.

As well as over 40 ergos and 30 static bikes to pick from, BROOKES|Sport offers a fully-kitted strength & conditioning facility in the room next door – along with a dedicated S&C coach – to help the student athletes make every improvement possible.