Marlow Regatta 2024

Marlow Regatta 2024

Alongside a dominant display at Henley Women’s Regatta, the Brookes Men’s squad raced at Marlow International Regatta. Brookes once again made a clean sweep of the Open pennants in the Championship Eights, Coxed and Coxless Fours as well as picking up Tier 2 Eights and Coxed Fours and Tier 3 Eights.

Brookes boated 6 eights, of which 3 qualified for the A final, one to the B final and one each to the D and E finals following the time trials. Come the finals the wind had swung from a tailwind to a cross tail in which Brookes A, the Grand Challenge Cup crew, won the A final and set a record time of 6:30.5 on their way to do so. The Brookes C, the newly forming Ladies Plate crew and Brookes B, Temple Cup crew came 3rd and 5th respectively in the A final. In the B final, Brookes D came 4th and picked up the Tier 2 pennant while Brookes E came 2nd in the D final to collect the Tier 3 Pennant. Brookes F came 2nd in the E final.

The Coxless Fours, both fought hard to make the A final, with Brookes A finishing the time trial in 2nd and Brookes B coming 8th, securing their spot in the top final. Both crews then grew throughout the regatta with Brookes A, turning round Leander’s lead from the time trial to win by a gap of 2 seconds in a time of 5:53.9 just 0.1 seconds off the National record. Brookes B also posted an impressive time of 6:05.3 placing them in 6th place in the A final.

The Coxed Fours rounded off the day of racing at Eton Dorney with a dominant display from two fours. Both crews set the marker high, qualifying from the time trial as the fastest two crews. They both then repeated this feat in the final with Brookes A winning the regatta in a time of 6:12.6. Brookes B came in 2nd collecting the Tier 2 pennant.

Brookes also had a pair racing who had a good row and came 4th in the A final.

The Brookes squad now focus all of their efforts to the final preparations ahead of Henley Royal Regatta in a week’s time after a superb weekend highlighting the strength and depth through the entire team.


Photos Courtesy of AllMarkOne