Boat Race Fixtures Confirmed

BROOKES|Rowing have confirmed details of the upcoming Boat Races Fixtures. These act as a warmup for the Oxford and Cambridge crews for the Boat Race, which takes place on 29th March. They also give Brookes crews invaluable Tideway experience ahead of the Women’s Eights Head of the River Race on 7th March and the Head of the River Race on 21st March.


Fixture dates are as follows:

22nd February 

10:30 Brookes IV vs. St. Pauls 
11:00 Brookes III vs. Molesey
11:30 Brookes II vs. Isis (OUBC Reserves)
12:00 Brookes I vs. Oxford Men’s Blue Boat

23rd February 

1240 Brookes III vs. CUWBC Lightweights
1255 Brookes II vs. Blondie (CUWBC Reserves)
1310 Brookes I vs. Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat

29th February 

1315 Brookes III vs. OUWLRC
1340 Brookes II vs. Osiris (OUWBC Reserves)
1400 Brookes I vs. Oxford Women’s Blue Boat

1st March

15:45 Brookes II vss Goldie (CUBC Reserves)
16:15 Brookes I vs. Cambridge Men’s Blue Boat


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