Brookes vs Oxford Women Fixture 2023

Yesterday saw the last of the fixtures take place on the Tideway with the Brookes women taking on Oxford in the local derby. There were some challenging conditions for all to deal with across all racing.

In Blue boat fixture, just one piece was rowed between the start line in Putney and the Red Buoy at the crossing point above Chiswick Eyot. In a heated race start, in initially calm conditions, crews clashed while both being warned to remain on station. Brookes, with the Middlesex station, were able to inch ahead around the first bend and break clear water by the Mile Post. Rowing in tricky conditions around the Hammersmith Bend, Brookes were able to stretch out their margin and win the race by around 5 lengths.

In the Osiris fixture, two pieces were rowed, the first was from the start to the Bandstand. The second from the Bandstand to the finish. Brookes were able to parry a very fast starting Oxford crew. Also on the Middlesex station, Brookes were then able to establish a lead past Fulham Football Club and continue to stretch their lead up to Hammersmith Bridge. In rough conditions, Brookes were able to continue building their advantage, winning the first piece by 3 lengths.

In the second piece, Brookes were able to come out on top of some clashes of blades during the start. Around the final bend under Barnes Bridge, Brookes broke contact and sped away towards the finish to win by 3 lengths.

The 3rd eight raced in one piece against Vesta RC at the start of the day. Some fantastic experience for a young crew who are hoping to be competing for BUCs medals and the Academic Pennant at Henley Women’s Regatta later in the year.
Racing on Surrey, from Vesta flagpole to Chiswick Eyot, Brookes were able to make a fast start and edge out a lead coming past the end of Putney Embankment. By the finish line at Hammersmith, Brookes came out on top winning by 3 lengths.
In the second piece, from Barn Elms to Hammersmith, Brookes came away with another win after an explosive start to win by a margin of 4.5 lengths.

A fantastic set of results in the last racing for the Brookes Women before the San Diego Crew Classic at the end of March. Attention turns to a solid block of training as the Spring season approaches and the return of side by side racing.

To watch the livestream of racing find the link HERE

📸 Benedict Tufnell row360 / Twitter