CUWBC Fixture Report

In the first race of 2019, last weekend BROOKES|Rowing made the trip to London with two eights to race against Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club. This was one of the official Boat Race fixtures which forms a prelude to the race which takes place on 7 April 2019. 

In both races, crews rowed three pieces- the Start to the mile post; Harrods to Chiswick Steps and the Bandstand to the Finish. Cambridge won the toss for both races and chose the Surrey station.

The 1st VIII did well to hold Cambridge through the first piece, pushing them for the entirety of the piece and finishing half a length down. The conditions worsened for the remainder of the fixture. The Brookes crew struggled to deal with the rough water,  allowing Cambridge a convincing victory in both the second and the third piece. 

In the 2nd VIII fixture, raced against Blondie, was a close affair throughout. In the first piece, both crews pushed hard, but it was Cambridge who emerged victorious by just a canvas. Again, in tough conditions, both crews battled hard, but Cambridge put together a stronger row, eventually finishing 1 1/2 lengths ahead. In the final piece, Brookes had a very strong start, taking a full length lead early on, but Cambridge did a good job of battling through to the finish, just edging the Brookes crew on the final straight. 

This fixture forms an important part of the women’s squad’s build up to next week’s Women’s Eights Head of the River. They next race this weekend at Reading University Head of the River, with the men’s squad split between Reading and their fixture with Oxford University. 


Photos Courtesy of All Mark One