Brookes post 4 Fastest Times at Reading Head

Posting 4 of the 5 fastest times ever recorded at Reading Uni Head, OBUBC had a very good weekend in Reading, as well as getting extremely close to breaking the 2015 record of 12:41.3 with a time of 12:44.6. The Women’s 1st VIII also finished the 2nd division inside the course record with 14:45.6 – another strong showing of depth and speed through the boat club and both squads.

To close out the head-racing season, the final two events before the Easter break are Women’s Head this Saturday (March 11th) and the Head of the River (March 25th).



Elite 8+
Senior 8+
IM1 8+
IM2 8+
IM3 8+


Senior 8+
W IM2 8+
W IM3 4x-

Additional photos courtesy of Vicky Gillard