Reading Head Report

The women’s 1st VII posted the fastest women’s time on a blustery day at Reading University Head of the River, where the majority of the squad raced with just the Men’s 1st and 2nd VIIIs being rested ahead of upcoming fixtures with Oxford and Cambridge this week.

In the first division, the women posted the fastest two times in Band 1 in 14:19 and 14:37, with the 3rd VIII securing a 16 second victory in Band 2 in 15:23. They then repeated their Band 1 win in the afternoon division in 14:37, with a 13 second win over Oxford University. The afternoon division also saw a win in the U23 8s category, with Brookes finishing in 15:47.

The morning division saw Brookes’ 3rd and 4th Men’s VIIIs finish  in 2nd and 3rd respectively behind Leander Club in 12:44 and 12:59. Brookes were victorious, however, in both Band 2 and 3- where the 5th VIII won by 8 seconds in 15:07 and the 6th VIII won by 15 seconds in 13:41. In division 2, in the absence of Leander, Brookes finished in the top two spots in Band 1- in 12:52 and 13:06, with the same result in Band 2- this time in 13:18 and 13:55.

The women’s squad races this weekend at the Women’s Eights Head of the River, where three crews will be racing. The men, with the top two eights, have had their fixture against Cambridge University on Wednesday 13th March postponed, but face Oxford on Sunday 17th March.

Full results can be found below:

Division 1

Band 1 Eights:

2 Brookes C 12:44.9
3 Brookes D 12:59.3

Women’s Band 1 Eights:

1 Brookes A 14:19.4
2 Brookes B 14:37.1

Band 2 Eights:

1 Brookes E 13:07.4

Women’s Band 2 Eights:

1 Brookes C 15:23.1

Band 3 Eights:

1 Brookes F 13:41.8

Division 2

Band 1 Eights:

1 Brookes C 12:52.3
2 Brookes D 13:06.1

Women’s Band 1 Eights:

1 Brookes A 14:37.6
3 Brookes B 15:09.4

Band 2 Eights:

1 Brookes E 13:18.4
2 Brookes F 13:55.2

Women’s U23 Eights:

1 Brookes C 15:47.1

Photos Courtesy of All Mark One