109 pots won at Wallingford Head

This weekend at Wallingford Head showed the fantastic form the Boat Club is in. Photos courtesy of Iain Weir @ Rowing Photography.

The highlight of the weekend had to be the performance of the top Men’s and Women’s eights – both these crews won Elite 8’s, breaking both course records in the process – the men by 11 seconds, and women by a hefty 25 seconds. It’s great to have both the fastest men’s & women’s times ever recorded at Wallingford Head under the OBUBC name.

It wasn’t only the top end of the club that was successful, as the Boat Club took home 109 pots, winning 16 of the 22 categories entered, with the best show of depth from both squads ever. A great weekend for Brookes Rowing.


Women’s Elite 8+ (course record – 15:49)
Women’s Senior 8+
Men’s Elite 8+ (course record – 13:32)
Men’s Senior 8+
IM1 8+
IM2 8+
IM3 8+
Novice 8+

Elite 4-
Senior 4-
IM1 4-

Elite 4+
Senior 4+
IM2 4+
IM3 4+
Novice 4+